IT Services

IT Diagnostics

The IT Diagnostics Service aims to outline a general design of the IT structure and generate a report of recommendations. Fundamental in moments of growth or restructuring, it can point out risk scenarios and possible improvements in processes, software licensing and hardware acquisition / acquisition.


Backup projects, business continuity plan and contingencies, in the cloud or local structure.

IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing proposals to the extent of your need, with full time or part time allocation. Count on a team of professionals with multidisciplinary knowledge for your operational needs.

IT Governance and Management

Focus on your business, and let our experts take care of your technology-related operational needs.

 Software Licensing Consulting

If your company needs a quote, contact us. We have partnership with the main distributors of the country and we support its implantation. We offer Microsoft, IBM, Oracle licensing, and major security-related software lines such as antivirus, endpoints, backup solutions and availability.

Asset Management

Diagnostics, inventory and continuous management of IT assets.



Monitoring of critical operating environments, keeping your business on the air 24 × 7.


Physical infrastructure virtualization projects for both virtualized and hybrid environments.


We scale your infrastructure and tailor your business needs to computer sizing, without unnecessary investments. In case of new acquisitions we design the project and support the quotation process with the best manufacturers and distributors in the market; 


Count on our experience to manage your projects and ensure your deliveries, budgets and deadlines


Software Asset Management, or, as it is better known, SAM, is the process by which the customer environment is evaluated and measured by specialists in the licensing of software assets. Many people understand that SAM only deals with the software inventory of the equipment, but in fact it is much more than that!