Consulting services

Systems Deployment Consulting

MXM has developed its own work methodology, which has been continually improved over the last few years, combining the best systems implementation practices with Project Management tools and techniques recognized by the market and aligned with the concepts of the PMI (Project Management Institute) , which enables us to efficiently and effectively deploy our product, assuring our clients a high rate of return on the investment made.

Software factory

It involves the production and manufacture of new software, maintenance of existing software and other related services.

Project management

MXM, in line with the growing market's need to better plan, control and monitor efficiently in order to achieve positive results in its projects, has developed the following services: Outsourcing, PMO Deployment, Project Management Training (techniques and software ) and Coaching.

Database Management

It acts in the first step of installing MXM-Manager on the client, as responsible for installing Oracle (ERP MXM database). The unit provides technical support related to Oracle or other implementations that require migration, import and data conversion. In addition to the Oracle installation, the area also performs Oracle preventive and corrective maintenance; situational analysis of the database; audit; database projects, and remote DBA service.

Processes management

MXM, always attentive to the needs of the market, is ready to help companies achieve these goals with its Process Management Consulting services, composed of the following products: Process Improvement; Automation of Business Processes; Process Audit; BPM Office - Process Office Implementation; and BSC Balance Scorecard (business performance and evaluation model).

Electronic Content Management (ECM)

A set of technologies that aim to manage the life cycle of an organization's unstructured information by relating content to business processes, ensuring that users have access to the information they need in an easy, fast and reliable way.

BI Projects (Business Intelligence)

The BI service offers a deeper managerial view of the business, being able to gather data from different bases, systems and even user files, to develop scenarios and trends analysis, aiding in decision-making processes. The MXM Systems BI solutions are developed using the well-known Qlikview and Jaspersoft platforms. They serve all sizes of companies, offering various indicators of corporate performance, supporting the areas of finance, accounting, inventory, purchasing, logistics, among others.

Application Hosting

Software as a service for use on any computer (or device) that has an internet connection. The Saas solution provides MXM-Manager, BI-Manager and Web-Manager in a Datacenter owned by Equinix, and can be accessed by customers from different locations. It is especially suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, since it allows them access to good technology solutions without major investments in personnel and infrastructure. And for third-party software, we provide cloud computing for servers.

Cloud Computing

Using the datacenters of the best cloud providers, such as IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, MXM manages cloud computing services for use with a variety of services and applications, such as ERPs and third-party databases. Cloud servers for critical applications, partial or total data center migration, servers for systems, contingency environment, cloud backup are some of the applications in cloud computing.

Software Licensing

Partner of the largest software companies in the world, MXM is authorized to commercialize Oracle (Databases, Linux, VM), Microsoft (eXchange, Office 365, Windows Server, SQL Server) licensing, IBM, Citrix, VMware, Adobe, Red Hat, and an extensive line of anti-virus and endpoints such as Bidefender, Kaspersky, Symantec, McAfee, among others.

SAM - Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management or, as it is better known, SAM is the process by which the customer environment is evaluated and measured by specialists in what concerns the licensing of software assets. Many people understand that SAM only deals with the equipment inventory of the equipment, but in fact, it is much more than that! Through SAM, a series of environmental licensing evaluation processes are carried out to ensure a more rational use of software licenses, so that the customer can reduce costs, since he will only use the products he needs and with the best type of licensing agreement.