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Shopping Center Management - MXM-Shopping

MXM-Shopping is the complete, fully integrated enterprise management solution. From marketing functions to budget, accounting and fiscal management.

It provides administrators with full control over the processes of a Shopping Center, through quick access to commercial and contractual information, special conditions of the Contracts, Reduction of minimum contractual rent, billet issuances and performance evaluations of tenants.

With many years of maturity, it is a robust, tested and innovative system, providing unique competitive advantages over existing systems.

The scope, high level of integration and applied technology make MXM-SHOPPING an easy-to-use and deployable system that is compatible with the reality of the Shopping administration market.


  • Automatic Calculations: Simultaneous calculation of billing, considering the automatic readjustment of rents, their percentages, specific and common charges, and automatically generating accounts receivable from rent, condominium and promotion fund.
  • Store Registration: Complete store registration, with information about activities, footage, status (rent or sale), physical location, specific conditions for billing etc.
  • Special conditions: Flexible and adherent, the special condition allows the registration of specific contractual clauses, allowing a variety of options to be explored.
  • Minimum Rent Reduction: It allows the inclusion of discounts in the contractual rental values, allowing the choice of the periods in which the deduction will be calculated.
  • Metric Record: Management of existing metrics: gross leased area, external areas, cost sharing coefficient, thermal capacity.
  • Operational Reports has the objective of facilitating the conferences of values ​​determined for the contracts, making the administrative process of the enterprise much more dynamic and agile.
  • Management Reports: Management information reports, called RIG'S, are widely used as pillars in shopping center management. The management information statements are very important because they inform strategic data for the entrepreneurs' analysis, such as: Performance of Shopping, Sale and Rent by Group Activity and stores, Ranking of sales and rents by tenants, occupational cost, Bridge of balance among others.

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