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Recruitment and Selection Management - MXM-Recruitment

Revolutionize your HR by managing recruitment and selection processes coupled with cognitive candidate analysis by IBM Watson ™

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MXM-Recruitment integrates the company

▪ Reduces work and improves HR controls.

▪ It gives autonomy to the managers, who participate in the recruitment and selection processes, accessing the information directly in the system.

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By applying IBM Watson ™ artificial intelligence, MXM-Recruitment provides two more important features:

1) Cognitive Analysis of Candidates

IBM Watson ™ performs cognitive analysis of candidates through the Big Five methodology, recognized worldwide for its ability to identify human personality traits.

With this valuable information, your company has access to profile analysis and the percentage of candidates' compatibility with the positions.

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2) MXM-ChatBot, a virtual assistant for your employees

By utilizing artificial intelligence, MXM-ChatBot is able to serve employees quickly and efficiently. His ability to learn in an evolutionary way, allows him to improve daily the answers to the questions asked.


Serving employees automatically, this feature frees HR for its strategic activities.

Your processes are now controlled by a systemic flow with all the information you need.

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Information you will have with the

What kind of information do you have regarding the hiring processes conducted in your company?

What is your company’s hiring history for the past few years?

Which evaluations processes were used?

What is the ideal applicant profile for a specific position?

Do you have any tools that might provide you with the applicants’ cognitive profiles in order to help you make a final decision?

How does your company organize the data related to its hiring processes?

Fundamental Reports for your Management

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mxm recruitment report05

mxm recruitment report02

mxm recruitment report03

mxm recruitment report04