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Process Automation - MXM-Process

Simplify processes and boost your company's operational performance with MXM-Process.

MXM Sistemas personalizes its products to meet the demands of the market and solve the specific needs of its customers. Increasingly, companies are BPMS tools to map and optimize your business processes. Guarantee better results with organizational efficiency. Leaner processes streamline and ensure that the results should be in accordance expected.

MXM-PROCESS is a powerful solution for business management to increase efficiency in the execution of processes. In a way simple and intuitive, perform idealized actions management; customize approvals flow and electronic forms; map workflows, business rules and their integrations; monitor activities and alerts in real time; track steps, determine deadlines for execution of tasks and be alerted by your non-compliance; manage performance; eliminate bottlenecks and unproductive situations.

Give visibility to the actions that your company will perform, as well as those already in progress. Have in your hands the analysis comparison of the productivity employees in your company. Automate manual and repetitive routines. Create alerts and facilitate their decision-making. View steps of processes and results in a few clicks.

What is BPMS? 

BPMS (Business Process Management Suite) is a category of automated software, which provide a number of functionalities and modeling, execution, control and monitoring of the complete management cycle of business processes. This powerful management tool which processes are actually carried out how they were modeled, contributing to the objectives of the organization.

Automate control of your SLAs (Service Level Agreement or Service Level Agreement - ANS)

Combine automation, control, visibility, performance analysis, quality and efficiency in a single solution.

MXM-Process automates business processes (from the simplest to the complex), giving control and visibility execution. To the managers it represents a analysis tool, where all steps can be audited and evaluated in detail, allowing identify bottlenecks and bottlenecks, facilitating the redesign and increasing the quality and efficiency of processes.

Eliminate Excel spreadsheets, post-its and other control features that are susceptible to data loss and that do not integrate with your system

View end-to-end tasks involved in your business processes

Transform all your tasks in digital format, with automated data on the screen, providing greater management control

Use an integrated set of technologies for greater regulation of the execution of processes and greater interaction between human activities

Key features:

  • Model, redesign, deploy, monitor, and optimize processes and costs for your business.
  • Integrate processes, people and other solutions into the same environment.
  • Automate processes and tasks from predefined business rules
  • Guide activities through software based on process definitions.
  • Automatically send programmed alerts within each process cycle.
  • Manage the lead time to perform activities, routines, and approval flows.
  • Monitor the effective performance of employees in the existing activities in the processes.
  • Quickly and dynamically customize processes for increased productivity.
  • Identify existing gaps in processes from the history of the activities performed.
  • Services with better quality and elimination of repetitive tasks.
  • Customization of processes automatically and constant updating.
  • View updated reports in real time.
  • Allocate resources via software and direct collaborators and goals.
  • Identify deadlines and bottlenecks to control productivity.

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