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Corporate Portal - MXM-Customer Portal

MXM-Customer Portal is a tool developed to meet the needs of companies that need to gather and share information. Generate documents for different profiles, such as customers, suppliers and employees, securely and efficiently.


  • Creation of restricted areas for specific groups in a single Portal, without the need of creating sites for each group. You can create features for different audiences, such as customers and employees.
  • Organization of the work functions of the company, according to the routines of groups of employees. Through a login, the user has access to a specific workspace for the functions of the sector.
  • Ease to make information available: access to all information, from device connected to the internet, without having to be in the company.
  • Work in multi-environment: allows connection to several bases, which can be from different companies, with a single login.
  • Sharing and centralization of information through the publication of documents in the Portal, reducing the space generated by these documents that are usually sent by e-mail, and also makes it possible to control users' access to the documentation.

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