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MXM Sistemas invests constantly in new technologies for corporate management, and therefore has brought the Corporate Planner from Germany. Software is one of the most innovative and efficient tools for financial and budget planning.

Corporate Planner is an application that provides integrated analysis, planning and reporting for proactive business management. This customizable software system is already helping companies of all sizes and segments achieve their goals.

Currently, 4.000 organizations around the world use Corporate Planner as an indispensable management tool for optimizing the information system, covering the planning and control phases.

The flexibility of Corporate Planner, its functionalities, content and technology, show an excellent, easy-to-implement management tool to optimize the financial and budget planning phases of organizations at all levels.

Key Features:

  • Easy to operate due to intuitive interface; 
  • Short implementation period; 
  • High degree of security and data transparency for confident decision making; 
  • Professional planning, analysis and reports ready for immediate use; 
  • Automatic data transfer from a wide range of Back office systems; 
  • Clarity at all times in the current and future cash position; 
  • Fast and reliable planning from the input of few data.

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Corporate Planning and MXM Systems

CP Corporate Planning AG Product Portfolio with MXM Systems Support

Corporate Planner
Flexible system for planning, analyzing and reporting, with all the necessary requirements for efficient and professional management of corporate performance.

Corporate Planner
It is the ideal tool to combine the professional business logic of Corporate Planning with Microsoft Excel.

Corporate Planner

All relevant data for your company can be viewed in panels, in real time. The interface to the original values ​​ensures that the display is always 100% updated.

Corporate Planner

Analysis, planning and reporting anytime, anywhere in the familiar environment of a web browser.

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CP-Cash Manager
Viewing liquidity based on payment practice, payment terms, credit lines, balances, etc.

Consolidation with a systematic approach for groups of companies. Convenient reconciliation options and a parallel display of both accounting standards.

Using the Balanced Scorecard to translate the strategy into concrete actions through user-defined models, and according to the company's perspectives.

Risk Manager
Detect business threats in advance from the identification, evaluation, monitoring and reporting of risks according to legal requirements

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