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Virtual Assistant - MXM-ChatBot

MXM-ChatBot, a virtual assistant for your employees.

By utilizing artificial intelligence, MXM-ChatBot is able to serve employees quickly and efficiently. His ability to learn in an evolutionary way, allows him to improve daily the answers to the questions asked.

robo chatbot MXM-ChatBot is able to understand the intent of the questions and generate assertive answers, different from conventional electronic service processes.

Chatbots are the new trend in communication and can streamline service to your employees, generating more productivity.

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  • Serving employees automatically, this feature frees HR for its strategic activities.
  • It reduces the abandonment of the visitor in the site or application, approaching and communicating in a more interactive way, avoiding the dispersion;
  • It allows human interaction to be allocated to more complex queries, since automated routines can provide a wide range of basic solutions;

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