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Business Intelligence - MXM-BI

Every day, companies need to get strategic information faster. Access data stored by management systems in a variety of ways and change these views as you identify new information.

MXM developed the MXM-BI, composed of previously defined BI visions based on the data model of each operational area.

In this way, with low cost and rapid deployment, managers have a powerful tool for information management. This is a dynamic need that is not available in static operational reports.

The result is the simplification of the enterprise data extraction process, significantly increasing productivity and speed of development.


  • Speed ​​and simplicity: Implantation in a short time and does not require specialists highly trained in BI, after all has advanced visualization and search capabilities;
  • Ease of navigation: Allows analysis of information from your preferred point of view, with data filtering and minimizing the number of crossings;
  • Best value for money: Low cost compared to similar BI solutions;
  • Enterprise management capability: Support for large scale deployments, data set, real-time data and PDF reports;
  • Accessibility and integration: Leading manufacturer of the BI market to offer full interactivity with iPhone, iPad, smartphones and cloud availability;
  • It can serve as a basis for developing more personalized and more complex views;
  • No extra charges for extracting reports. Investment without surprises after hiring;
  • Reports with various pre-built templates and flexibility for creating new ones. 

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