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SAU - Customer Service

O SAU foi criado com o objetivo de melhor atender nossos clientes e está disponível de segunda a sexta, das 9h às 18h.

The user can make his request to one of our attendants, professionals with knowledge in accounting and financial processes and prepared to filter the information, identifying the problem with maximum speed for a solution to be presented.

Contact the SAU:

Telephone: 21 3233-2300 / Email: SAU-MXM


Types of request and their forms of referral:

General Questions

The service is done online.

Operational failure

The service is started, generating a PAT * (Technical Assistance Request)

The service is started, generating n ° PAT *. After analyzing the request, the SAU will return the contact with a proposal so that the client gives its acceptance and the service is executed.

Version Request

It is available in three ways:

1. A technician is sent to do the update on the client.

2. Passwords for the executables that are available on the MXM download site are sent

(Customer's area).

3. The executables are sent by e-mail.

Service related to outsourcing (infrastructure) and consulting

The customer is referred to the responsible industry.

The Technical Assistance Request (PAT) number is the identifier of your request. It is provided during the service and it is through it that the customer can follow the whole process until its conclusion.

Accelerate your calls to the SAU by requesting the Remote Assistance Service.

The Remote Assistance Service is another facility that MXM makes available to its customers. With it, the SAU can have access to its database to better identify errors and follow processes.