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Through a Portal you have access to essential tools for the management of your company operating integrated. It fully complies with Brazilian tax legislation and is a SOX compliance product.

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The operational simplicity of MXM-WebManager is a result of the logic applied in the development and the high level of integration, which allows the inclusion and change of launches in the same routine, facilitating the use and guaranteeing the integrity of the data.

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Customizable Desktop

Customize the desktop of your management platform with all the sites that make your day to day easier through a user-friendly interface.

On-Line Integration

Online integration with automatic accounting and real-time information, with greater security for business documents.


Users can choose the language in which they want to use MXM-WebManager, which translates the reports' screens and titles online.

Support for SOX and Brazilian Tax Legislation

MXM-WebManager was originally developed to comply with legislation without the need for peripheral products, eliminating re-writing of documents and tax risks.


It operates simultaneously with several companies, without the need for a new access login. Consolidates online reports and generates intercompany mutual loan launches.

Humanized Service

Implementation without outsourcing, with horizontal support and individualized with a team of qualified consultants.

Multi-Plan Accounts

Creates various chart of accounts models to serve different business segments. These plans can be related, allowing the use of more than one model for the same company or consolidating into a single model companies with separate chart of accounts.


The movement record can be made in two currencies simultaneously, according to the conversion rate applied. The balance of the accounts is managed in both, which allows the automatic generation of the exchange variation and balance sheet conversion to other currencies.

Integration with Other Systems

By using object and class structure, it can be integrated with other systems through predefined interfaces or online.

Operating Characteristics

Homologation of the main registries

After a user adds or changes a record it is necessary for a second user to approve this action (registration of customers, suppliers, current accounts, rules, functional structures, types of operation, etc.).

Inactivation of records

It performs the blocking of an account, current account, customer, supplier, among other registered items, maintaining the visualization of all the movements already carried out.

Linking Information

It establishes the link between current accounts - suppliers, taxes - types of operation - types of operation to suppliers, just to mention a few examples.

Audit trail

Indicates users who have included or changed records in the system.

Requisition Approval Workflow

All company requisitions (purchases, payments, down payments or internal) go through an electronic approval flow, defined from rules established by the company.

Company organization chart

Link cost centers and elevations of responsibility.

Managing Period Closures by Module

Allows each department to block the inclusion of records on reconciled dates, ensuring consistency of information.

User access control

Configuration of access to the personalized system functionalities for each user (inclusion rights, change and exclusion in each routine and access to companies, branches and environments).

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• Accounting reconciliation • Operation in unlimited periods • Generation of reports in any period • Integration with spreadsheets • Calculation of automatic apportionment • Period blocking by work group • Multiple account plan templates and cost centers, allowing simultaneous attendance to different business models, in accordance with Brazilian and international legislation • Multilevel cost center plan with hierarchical structure • Control of projects linked to accounts plans and cost centers • Linkage between accounting and cost centers • On-line consolidation of companies, including different charts of accounts and cost centers, which allows for various statements • Control of accounting balances in several currencies • Two currency currencies • Translation of balance sheet with calculation of gain and loss • Calculation of exchange variation.


• Complete purchasing process, including registration of requisition, approval workflow, generation of maps and quotation worksheets, receipt of quotations, approval of maps, generation, approval and issuance of orders • Flow of approval based on rules defined by the company and integrated into the budget module, allowing managers to audit the entire process • Online integration with the contracts module • Integration with cash flow in the generation of purchase orders. Online integration of receipt of purchase orders with all modules of MXM-WebManager, automatically generating the accounting, financial, fiscal, stock or fixed asset entries • Partial receipt and control of purchase orders • Management reports of pending orders, orders by date of delivery, history of supply by items or suppliers, gains in purchase, purchases by supplier, seller, requisitioner, etc.


• Generates all types of invoices defined by Brazilian legislation, such as: sales, transfers, merchandise returns, price complements, remittances and returns for processing, national entry or import • Generates billing of materials, asset items and services in the same module • Calculates all fees and taxes involved in processes • Operates fully integrated with MXM-WebManager, generating accounting, tax, financial, fixed asset and inventory integrations online and based on the type of operation • Generates invoices electronic goods and services based on federal and municipal legislation.


• Fully compliant with Brazilian legislation • Integrated with MXM-WebManager, it generates online all fiscal records derived from operations (inventory, billing and purchases) • Wide range of reports for analysis of operations • Generates all reports and files required by the current legislation.

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• Budget prepared directly in the system, allowing to plan and consolidate budget versions • Management of the process of closing the budget worksheets of users for the generation of the consolidation versions • Online access to the budget with consultation of all details of balance, achievement and commitment of accounts and cost centers • Creation of several versions of budget worksheets to carry out simulations • Creation of several budgetary consolidations until the final approval, allowing the comparative analysis in the planning period.


• Registration of contracts with all information, such as: supplier, type of contract, type of contract, contract dates, completion and renewal, type of renewal, appropriation, items, image and payment terms • Contract approval workflow Control of items of different nature (monthly payment, supply, price and defined price, etc.) • Control of the addition of contractual clauses • Management of contract payments and process audit • Control of contract readjustments • Management reports of expiring contracts , financial statement of the contract, contracts by type and nature.


• Simultaneous operation in two currencies, with different depreciation rates, managing balances based on each legislation • Management control of asset items, with allocation of physical location, cost center and responsibility • Calculation of depreciation with online generation of accounting entries • Integrated routines for information on increases and decreases, sale, transfer, change in depreciation rates, transfer of equity groups, cost center and responsibility • Classification of equity items in groups and subgroups, allowing the creation of specific fields for allocation of additional information to the patrimonial items, for consultation and reports.


• Control of inventory of products by unlimited types of stock and warehouse • Classification of inventory items by type and group of products, allowing the generation of a product tree • Control of consigned inventory • Control of inventory in transit • Generation of reports of balances and transactions at any date, including retroactive • Generation of fiscal books of inventory and production • Online update of balances at each movement • Online integration with financial, accounting and fiscal modules.

Processes management

• On-line validation of budget availability and definition of approval flow in all purchase, payment and down payment processes • Alerts users when there is no budget balance for the requisition • Complete electronic requisitions, storing all necessary process data such as such as: cost allocation, appropriation, justification, technical detail of the items and attached documents • Registration of document protocol, preventing loss and managing the flow of entry and approval, which avoids delays in the treasury and accounting • Security in the creation of the flow of approval, ensuring compliance with company rules • Traceability and auditability of requisition and payment processes.

Financial management

• Cash flow management • Automatic bank reconciliation • Reports in any period that aid in account analysis and accounting reconciliation • Automatic generation of retained taxes based on specified system parameters, eliminating the need for expert users • Simultaneous control of accounts in two currencies, of the original value and value in reais, generating the translation / exchange variation of the securities • Automatic generation of the taxes collected from the withholding taxes • Complete financial data of customers and suppliers • Parameterization of the current accounts of customers and suppliers, guaranteeing that payments are only made to their respective accounts • Approval of the supplier records function by function, ensuring that all financial data are checked and approved • Various securities write-down routines, streamlining the operational process (including int egration with banking systems) • Complete set of reports for rapid analysis and control of financial transactions.


• Control of sales orders for products and services • Analysis of sales in various classifications, such as: company, branch, region, seller, customer, product type and market segment • Control of partial delivery of orders • Automatic credit control , blocking requests from customers with financial problems • Financial approval of orders • Complete financial statement with all purchases, payments, balance, credit limit and payment history • Product sales history • Sales history of vendors • Payment control of commission by different criteria and automatic generation of accounting entries.


"Hardly a system has the fiscal part as strong as that of MXM."
Manuel Domingues
CEO Domingues and Pinho Counters