See some testimonials from our clients and learn how their relationship with MXM Sistemas

"Thank you to the Savior for the support and thank you to Jaciara who did an excellent job."
Marcelo Cintra
IT Support Analyst - Cesgranrio Foundation
"MXM-Manager has helped us to improve our processes by integrating our Areas and resulting in control and analysis of the information."
Isabella Honda
Financial Manager - Biocardio
"MXM's ERP is fundamental in the management of our works and in the preparation of proposals for our clients."
Rodrigo Macedo
Partner - R2TI
"MXM has played a key role as an ERP partner in sustaining the financial operation of our Shopping Centers."
Fabio Moraes
Superintendent of IT - Aliansce Shopping Centers S / A
"MXM's management system is a reliable, simple-to-operate, yet comprehensive tool. Best cost-benefit of the market in our assessment."
Carlos Gerhard
Head Partner - RSM Brazil
"MXM has developed a lot of expertise over the years in our segment, and our partnership has been very important.
Stefan Tamussino
Managing Partner E. Tamussino
"For 18 years TGMC is an MXM customer, all with great professionalism, friendship and commitment."
Marcelo Siqueira
IT Manager - Terminal Garagem Menezes Cortes SA
"For more than 15 years, MXM systems contribute to the effectiveness of our governance and compliance practices by supporting accounting and financial operations."
Marcelo barros
IT Coordinator - Hospital Aliança da Bahia
"MXM has contributed to the national wealth in the registry and control of the patrimonial evolution of the entities."
Claudio Vieira
Partner - CVS Empreendimentos
"I am passionate about the MXM system because it is a system that has a very malleable architecture, very easy to work on [...] especially for an outsourcer, who has several clients from different markets [...] and needs a system that has more waist game, but do not lose control, quality and safety features. "
Renata Turba
Partner-director - RTurba
"With MXM, your company stays up to date and projects a successful future. Partnership and efficiency! "
Monica Ramos
Partner - Deck Disc
"I have worked with other system companies elsewhere, and they are more impersonal." The MXM team is excellent and the quality system.
Ricardo Abreu
Director of Planning and Management - Free Sound
"MXM-Manager, a solution that fits into any operation."
Eduardo Meirelles
General Manager Hamilton - Beach Brands
"CDL POA deployed MXM ERP and BI modules that brought control, reduction of manual processes, speed and analysis capability of our online economic-financial information."
Luis Stein
Manager of Controllership - POA Board of Logisticians
"MXM is a partner of UNISUAM to support us in the most efficient and effective in our business processes. Through ERP MXM-Manager always ensures the best result for our students."
Alessandro Schlomer
Deputy Financial and Administrative Rector - UNISUAM
"It's difficult to have a fiscal system as strong as that of MXM (...) The great differential for us is the relationship with MXM. We have a relationship of partnership and friendship, and I believe that the proximity of MXM with customers is a fundamental thing for the company and a differential. "
Manuel Domingues
Partner - Domingues e Pinho Counters
"MXM, the company that in addition to providing us the best accounting and financial management software, has the best professionals and holds the best technology in the market!" "
Roberto Mansur
Director - Recall Ledger Accountants and Consultants

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