Learn the 7 benefits of using a document management system

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Every day, a company has to deal with countless files. These are contracts for closing sales, personal data of customers, accounts payable, employee documentation, orders from suppliers, among others. To handle all of this, it is good to have a document management system.

In this post, we will talk about the importance of electronic management file optimization and 8 benefits of having a document storage system. In addition, we will present a solution suited to your needs. Check out!

What is Electronic Document Management (GED)?

Dealing with dozens or hundreds of documents daily is not so easy. In order not to get lost amid the countless roles that circulate within a business, it is necessary to have organizational skills and a lot of discipline. Luckily, technology offers a helping hand to simplify this process: Electronic Document Management.

The solution has been gaining prominence among managers. By virtually storing company documents, you can streamline your professional routine. So, you can store your documents in the a cloud, instead of having paper files. Have you thought about the advantages that this brings to your business?

Manage documents it means systematizing the storage and form of consultation of these files by employees. Thus, it is an action on which every enterprise depends to maintain its information and ensure fluidity in its internal processes.

All of this is especially important for companies that carry out a continuous volume of operations, whether selling or purchasing products. These actions generate several records, some of which must be properly kept even to be presented to government agencies.

Thus, investing in Electronic Document Management it is a way of fulfilling all the required formalities and ensuring legal certainty for the company's operations. With this technology, it will be easier not only to store, but also to document files for quick reference and shipping, as well as to meet legal requirements.

What are the benefits?

Using a good system to automate your document storage, you enjoy a series of advantages, such as those presented below.

1. Reduction of costs

Reducing costs is the goal of any manager who wants to increase the efficiency of his company, right? Investing in a system of file management, you achieve that goal.

By giving up paperwork and adopting the electronic storage, you can scratch the high expenses with printing, papers, toners, folders and files. That's because your documents will be stored on a virtual platform.

If it is necessary to print some of them, this will be done on demand and the quantities will be reduced. Replacing printing with digital files, the environment also wins - remember that the modern consumer is keeping an eye on companies that work with environmental commitment!

2. Space saving

It is not only financially that you will save by adopting the electronic management! No more dusty large files, hundreds of folders and documents piled up. The technology will also help to save space, which can be used to expand the company's productive capacity.

3. Security of data

If the wrong person has access to your documents, you can stay subject to risks. In addition, printed documents can be easily torn, lost or wrinkled, making their use unfeasible.

With a good file management system, your company will be protected from these incidents. THE Information Security is enhanced in the software, and you can allow access to documents only to authorized personnel.

In addition to access control, you can still rely on Backups to keep copies of files, thus avoiding losing important documents.

4. Increased productivity

Have you ever stopped to think about how much time you and your employees spend looking for physical files? Have you ever considered that this wasted time could it be used to pay attention to more important tasks within the company?

When your documents are saved electronically, they are organized the way you prefer and can be accessed with few clicks. Using folders and subfolders, you create a friendly interface and ensure that you will be able to find all the necessary documents in the system.

5. Smart Sharing

In the electronic system, you control who can access the documents. So it’s easy share information with your team of collaborators, your customers and even with partners; everything in an agile and safe way.

O sharing it also allows employees to follow all stages of a process, without the need to be together in the same physical space. Buyer data can be consulted, facilitating service and increasing customer satisfaction.

6. Remote access

It's not pleasant to have to go through files until you find what you need, isn't it? Betting on electronic management, the documents you have saved can be accessed through the online platform, from wherever you are.

Now, you won't have to worry anymore if you need documentation and have forgotten the paper at home! Automate storage increases accessibility and decreases the time to search for files.

In addition, a good document management system provides remote access. This is especially important for companies that adopt the corporate mobility as one of its pillars.

To coronavirus pandemic, this access model has become even more important, since many employees have started to work in the home office regime.

7. Availability and flexibility

A good management system has a great focus on digitizing files and various documents. In this way, just a few clicks are enough for employees to be able to access them.

This also generates more flexibility for the company, as it will not need to maintain robust physical structures for the simple storage of printed documents.

Why use the MXM solution?

An integrated management system like the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is already stamped on companies in different segments. Thus, investing in a program that is equal to all other options on the market is not exactly a competitive advantage.

That is why MXM decided to invest in innovation and develop a solution entirely its own: the MXM-WebManager. It is the result of all the evolution of the company's old management system, with unprecedented features in relation to traditional ERPs. In addition, the tool provides backup and storage on servers in the cloud.

That's because WebManager is a unified web portal, entirely dedicated to service delivery, processes management and document management. It is a diverse suite of applications, operating through an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

When purchasing this solution, customers now have high-level tools for business management. In addition, WebManager is fully adapted to national legislation - as it is a SOX Compliance digital solution. The software is then suitable for the main mechanisms of audit and security defined by the so-called Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

As we could see in the article, the MXM-WebManager it is a high level solution for those looking for a document storage system. Its various modules will provide informed information to encourage more informed decisions. In addition, the system operates in the cloud.

So, were you interested in the possibility of having MXM-WebManager? So, contact us to know more about it!

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