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productivity and profitability

The "MXM Free Talk”Is the interview board with the presidency, directors and managers of MXM Sistemas, where various subjects of business management and technology are addressed.

The transmissions were carried out through the platform Microsoft Teams and all content has already been disseminated internally among all employees and PCs from all units.

Interviewee: Alan Batista - Development Director at MXM
Theme: Productivity and Profitability

Continuing the series of interviews, the subject this time exposes the professional's opinions. The theme is extremely relevant today.

Know a little more about this professional from MXM in a relaxed conversation, where he shows that the best productivity tool is knowledge.

1. Professional trajectory

I entered the MXM 13 years ago, in 2007. I joined as a junior programmer due to the experience I had and that I exposed in the interview with Rafael Terra, today Vice President of Technology at MXM. At that time, MXM was migrating to OO, apart from the ERP business rules that were extremely complex for me. I started working with the Franksando Santos in the budget and equity modules. I was totally lost in the first 3 months, without understanding the flows, the system, with very great difficulties. That was when I made an important decision to dedicate myself to the extreme in learning the ERP business rules.

I studied from home, did simulations, and from there, I managed to get off the ground. At that time it was not as organized as it is today, there was no version schedule and an infinite number of PATs (request for service call). Gradually, the teams were shaping, merging, and naturally people were developing just like me.

I was evolving as a programmer, then as an analyst. I became the team coordinator SPED/ Accounting in 2010. I remember that at that time goals were set for the team, and I focused a lot on reaching the goals, motivating the team to do their best, and I developed as a very close leader.

I became a factory manager in 2013. During the period of management of the ERP, we managed to achieve great numbers as well as a stability in the ERP never experienced until that moment. We organize recurring calendars, implement homologation processes, improve internal processes, invest in the development of internal control tools, integrating source control with the ticket manager.

In September 2018, I became director of development, after a short time since Rafael became Vice President, and I am still there today, in the daily grind. I have a degree in Information System Analysis, and a postgraduate degree in strategic information management from UFRJ.

2. Central theme

2.1 - What is it about?

Productivity at work, conceptually speaking, is the direct relationship between the quantity produced of a given product or service, in the case of MXM, is how many products can we develop or keep in operation, divided by the number of hours that are required for the product or service to be made. Already profitability at work is precisely the result of your productivity.

But the question is: When do you know if your work is productive and profitable for the company you work for? It is very difficult to come up with a formula, but I can say that just like in life, also in the development of solutions, the best productivity it is knowledge. If you are aware of your activity, know the processes, the people involved, your customer's needs, you will naturally become productive.

2.2 - How to do it?

The tripod of a company formed by people, processes and products, forms the essence of a company. THE MXM it has excellent people, it has an excellent product, and it has processes. I believe a lot in the processes. Through them we have well defined the roles of each one. Having knowledge of the process helps a lot in your productivity and profitability at work.

2.3 - Tips

Get organized at work, know the processes, the people responsible for each activity, the need for your also information. Focus on your activity, and apply your knowledge efficiently. Make a good one time management, be organized. Give activity feedbacks to the leaders. I think that this set makes the professional more productive and consequently more profitable.

3. Questions asked by employees

3.1. If you could just give someone a professional tip, what would it be?

Study. Knowledge is something very valuable for any profession and it is the only asset you will invest and will not lose.

3.2. What was the biggest learning you had in your professional life?

Resilience. As time went on in my career, I learned mainly from my mistakes that momentum causes other mistakes in a row, which harms you. So, in everyday situations, stopping, reflecting, resisting pressure is the first step in overcoming any obstacle. It is necessary to put your head on your attitudes.

3.3. For you, what is the most precious value of a professional?

In my opinion it is honesty. The ability to recognize your mistake, use it to learn not to make more mistakes, makes you a better professional. When you learn from others' mistakes, then you are an even more evolved professional with productivity and profitability.

4. Final considerations

In general, my message is: keep investing in MXM. This company is still going to explode and will grow a lot in the market. We will work in constant union and “collaborate” to help the company on this path!

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