What is the role of ERP in supplier management? Look here!

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Supplier management is essential for the company to achieve good results. Organizations that are successful in their business are always aware of this aspect. In addition, they are aware that seek the best possible solutions to strengthen this whole process.

In this article, you will stay on top of everything that involves this area in the enterprise. We will also show you how we can help your company with our solutions. Continue reading and learn more!

Why is supplier management important?

In principle, it is necessary to mention why supplier management is so relevant. To better understand its impacts, we highlight what can happen without it: many losses.

This type of control is essential to have control over what is being purchased by the company, what needs to be replaced and what has already been sold, if applicable. It also helps to find the best prices for certain products, quickly know where to find a particular item and make comparisons between one service and another.

What are the advantages of using ERP software in this process?

However, this whole process is quite laborious. Technology, then, is of great value in these cases. Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) automatically controls everything, in addition to providing reports and delivering business-critical data. Below, we'll show you more benefits!


With a good automated system, you will be sure that all your data will be protected. Quick and easy access to them also gives security that it is possible to have them whenever necessary, including urgently.


ERP software is an element that contributes considerably for the company to reach the total quality management. This is because it provides a broad overview of the suppliers, the inconsistencies, if any, and everything that is working. Finally, it offers an accurate view of what happens internally in the enterprise.


This technological solution optimizes time, generating productivity gains. In this way, employees can focus on other processes, less mechanical and more strategic.

What are the differentials of MXM Sistemas' solution?

MXM Sistemas is a differentiated company with regard to ERP. Our solution is a platform fully integrated with the web, which complies with Brazilian tax legislation. In addition, it can be integrated with other systems, operates simultaneously with other companies, brings information in real time and has a fully customizable workspace.

Another advantage is that we offer a humanized service. Therefore, we have our own trained consultants so that they can act according to the needs and desires of your enterprise.

Supplier management is essential for your company to deliver fully satisfactory results. MXM Sistemas, with its ERP solution, helps to avoid friction in your business, offering everything necessary for your enterprise, in order to make it more productive and efficient.

Did you like this article? Do you want to know more about our ERP and how the tool will make your company progress? So, contact us!

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