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The MXM-WebManager Purchase Contract module keeps track of commitments between the company and the supplier, creating delivery rules, allowing invoicing of notes as the products or services are delivered or made to the company.

To meet a growing demand that buyers receive information about the expiration of the contract, it is now possible for the buyer to receive notice when a contract is about to expire or to be readjusted.

It is important to mention that in order to send the emails, the client must make use of the Message Server Service. The service that will be generated in this implementation generates the emails and the Message Server performs the sending of the emails.

The emails of the Contractor and Buyer will be obtained by the Message Server, as defined in the User registry.

Procedure Readjustment by contract item

In the Reset routine by contract item, a "Date next reset" field was created. This field is not required, but when informed, the system will consider it as the basis for sending a notification via email to the Buyer e Contractor days before the contract needs to be readjusted.

Contract Readjustment Process

In the process of "Contract readjustment" there is the field "Date close readjustment" which, when completed, adds the date entered with the number of months defined in the "Periodicity (months)" field of the contract record.

The field "Periodicity (months)" is not mandatory, but not completing this information nullifies this projection.

Concluding: The date of the next readjustment of a contract can be defined in any of the 'Contract item readjustment' and 'Contract readjustment' routines, ie the last date entered in the 'next readjustment' field replaces the reported date in any of the routines, if the contract has a date of the next readjustment recorded.

System Parameter Utility of the purchasing contract module

In the purchase contract system parameter utility, the "Time for checking messages" field has been created. The goal is for the system to read all the contracts that are about to be renewed or readjusted on a daily basis, send the notification to the buyer and contractor identified in the contract, at the time indicated in this field.

The e-mail will be sent until the contract is renewed and readjusted before the deadline and will not be sent for expired contracts and that have passed the deadline of the adjustment.

The e-mails will have the following structures, as exemplified below:

Contracts to win

Subject: Contracts to expire

Text: List of contracts about to expire

           Affiliate Company | Contract | Days to win | Due date

                01 | 00 | 201601 | 3 | 28/10/2016

                01 | 05 | 201652 | 2 | 27/10/2016


Contracts to be readjusted

Subject: Contracts to be readjusted

Text: List of contracts to be readjusted

        Company | Branch | Contract | Days to readjust | Next readjustment date

                01 | 04 | 301608 | 2 | 28/11/2016

                01 | 03 | 301655 | 1 | 27/11/2016

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