MXM Systems Launches MXM-Insights Tool Based on IBM Watson Cognitive Computing Platform


Next Thursday, December 15, MXM Sistemas will launch a Cognitive Intelligence API Personality Insights IBM Watson.

This launch, which will take place during FITIC 2016, is part of the company's efforts to add intelligence to the business management platform MXM-WebManager, a platform of business management via web. Second Mauricio Felgueiras, president of MXM Sistemas S / A, "Watson-based applications will transform business processes and social behaviors in a short time."

In an interview with CanalTech Corporate, Mauricio Felgueiras, President of MXM Sistemas S / A, announces that three new resources will soon be MXM-Insights:

  • MXM-Recruitment: management recruitment processes and selection using the analysis of the personal perceptions of the candidates as an important evaluation instrument in the hirings.
  • MXM-Team Analysis: through analysis cognitive evaluation of the functional framework of the companies, based on the personal characteristics of the employees, identifying which are adjusted to the position occupied, which are in deviation from function and how to get more productivity and harmony.
  • MXM-Vocational: tool that will revolutionize the entire system educational, making it possible for educational institutions to provide candidates with the means to discover which courses are best suited to their personal characteristics.

“Our goal is to break paradigms, launching more and more, proactive and intelligent solutions, for an effective reduction of costs and increase of efficiency of companies and of our Brazil” - concludes Felgueiras.

Get to know the MXM-Insights solution first hand:

Take this opportunity to have a brief demonstration of the full potential of IBM Watson and be the spokesperson for this innovation in your company. Visit the MXM Sistemas booth at FITIC, do your interview with IBM Watson and find out what cognitive intelligence says about you!

FITIC (International Fair of Information Technology and Communication)

  • When: from 15 to 18 in December, from 11h to 23h.
  • Where: São Paulo Expo, booth R032 (MXM Systems).


Check out the full article at CanalTech Corporate:


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