MXM Sistemas expands its partnership program and seeks new sales channels nationwide


Specialist in business solutions for managing back office medium and large companies, MXM Sistemas announces the expansion of its partnership program to attract new sales channels and solution partners in order to accelerate its expansion in the country. By the end of 2021 the company wants to achieve 100% of its projected growth from this front.

Part of MXM Sistemas' scalability strategy, the MXM-Sales Partner partnerships it is aimed at business management consultants and freelance professionals who are interested in promoting and marketing MXM products in their client portfolio with autonomy and focus on results. Recently reformulated, the program also allows associations, unions and federations to join as strategic partners.

According to Nilton Augusto, MXM-Sales Partner Partnership Program, "Forming a solid network of partners is extremely important for MXM. This cooperation exponentially increases our growth in the market, attracting new business and giving greater visibility to the MXM brand […] MXM expands its partnerships and our aim is to establish a healthy relationship with the national market, mixing ethics, citizenship and social responsibility, for then to be recognized as one of the best and best Brazilian software houses ”.

Partnership Benefits

According to the Program Manager, accredited partners will have the opportunity to offer more technological options to their customers, reducing operating costs and increasing profitability and return on investments in the short term. Follow the benefits and differentials of MXM-Sales Partner:

  • CRM tools online document management provided by MXM Sistemas at no cost in the first year of partnership.
  • Specialized service and dedicated support throughout the sales cycle.
  • Support from regional commercial departments for faster service and in line with the specificities of local markets.
  • Continued training through face-to-face training and distance education with dedicated tutoring.
  • Progressive increase in commissions according to the selected category.
  • Recurring commissioning of up to 36 months on the use of the systems, plus commissioning on the services performed.
  • Recurrence from the fourth year on to the “Sales” and “Network” Premium categories.

Partnership Modalities

To become an MXM Commercial Channel, interested parties must pre-register on the page Then, MXM Sistemas will contact you to start selecting partners.

Once approved, the person or representative of the interested company will undergo remote training and receive all support and sales materials to start their prospecting and negotiation. From there, just start conquering new customers.

MXM expands its partnerships and check out the modalities that best fit your business profile:

Business partners:

The modality of business partners includes individuals and companies, with the purpose of indicating, marketing and / or implementing MXM products with a progressive increase in sales commissions, according to the selected condition.

This partnership model provides management tools and an agile implementation methodology to provide significant gains to partners and promote customer satisfaction. Check out the categories of business partnerships available:

  • “Finder” partner: it is characterized by the partner that only identifies business opportunities for MXM, without worrying about the process of selling the solutions.
  • Sales Partner: it is the partner responsible for covering the entire commercial cycle, from indication, negotiation to the conclusion of the deal.
  • Network Partner: in addition to indicating and carrying out the entire commercial cycle, this partner also implements MXM Sistemas solutions.

Solution Partners:

Solution partners are those who have technological services or tools that can be integrated with MXM Systems, adding business value and diversifying the company's solutions portfolio.

Strategic Partners:

The strategic partner modality seeks to establish networking, disclosure and sponsorship agreements for events with associations, unions, federations and the like.

Become an MXM Channel

MXM expands its partnerships so build new business opportunities and maximize your profits with us. Click on the banner below to learn more about the partnership program and be sure to fill out the form to request an exclusive presentation.



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