Meet the MXM-WebManager Contracts Module

Meet the MXM-WebManager Contracts Module

Whoever has the power to decide on contractions and investments needs an ERP with the Contracts module included to facilitate the flow of contractual ballast information, as this impacts the company's revenues.

We know that managing contracts is not easy, as there is a lot of data to be consulted and controlled. For this reason, a good management system with this apparatus is essential, since it meets business needs as a whole. But do you know what this module really does and what makes it so special in MXM-WebManager? To learn more about the subject, read on.

What are the advantages of ERP modules?

An ERP unifies all areas in one place. Therefore it is divided into modules, which integrate and use a single database. Thus, with all the information interconnected, it becomes easier to make a careful analysis to make correct decisions in relation to the current situation.

stock, finance, human resources, contracts, and many other industries are all managed simply, allowing you to see all the bottlenecks that hinder business growth. This intervention helps mitigate errors at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels of the business.

What is the Contracts module?

An example of a module widely used by organizations is that of Contracts, which aims to record all information regarding suppliers. It automatically generates all contractual obligations, such as the agreed payment.

All of this helps businesses that aim to have strict control over important information for a good relationship with their suppliers and their customers. This is because managing the entire life cycle of a contract offers more reliability. After all, without it, problems such as hiring a service lower than specified in the document and paying abusive fees may happen.

What does the MXM-WebManager Contracts module offer?

MXM-WebManager it is a solution for those looking for high performance in their management processes. As it is integrated, it is a great resource for professionals who want to reduce costs, have data security and, consequently, grow. The platform has, among the others, the Contracts module, which offers several options. Check out some below!

Record of contracts with all information

Knowing the registration, the payment, the set price and which services or products were agreed until the end of the contract is a part that deserves attention. After all, if you do not know what has been defined between the parties involved, it is difficult to demand something later.

Approval Workflow

All contractual requests go through an approval flow, which goes from the industry that writes it, through review to acceptance of terms, so that they are signed. Here you will see all the pertinent information to what was combined, as well as all the changes made so far.

Control of readjustments

Readjusting clauses is normal, but it is necessary to be aware of this so as not to encounter surprises. Deadlines and prices can be changed and, if not seen, cause problems such as late payments, which generates extra fees and very exorbitant amounts, which are not within the company's budget limit.

Management Reports

It is important to know when contracts will expire, as well as payments and receipts. If all of this is divided by types and natures, it is even better when assessing how the movement of a particular negotiation is going. This is what this module offers in the MXM Sistemas system.

Did you see how the Contracts module is a dedicated tool to take care of the relationship with your suppliers and customers? Having this module is even better when combined with a technology that integrates several other features that enhance your processes, such as MXM-WebManager.

Do you want to know more about this digital solution and how it can help you achieve your goals? Contact Us to clear all your doubts!

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