4 tips for effective shopping center management

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A mall management it can be quite challenging, however, it is possible to make it more peaceful and correct through a good strategic planning. The plan must contain not only the actions that need to be taken, but also the tools and technologies that will be used in the process.

With the right resources, good results are inevitably achieved. Attentive to all the details that involve Operação, the manager may have quick and even better returns than expected.

In this article, we’ll give you tips on how to administer well a shopping mall. Read on!

1. Automate the apportionment of expenses

There are many details that involve the apportionment. Each expense and each payer has its particularities, which need to be well defined and monitored. Manually filling out a spreadsheet with all these aspects, in addition to requiring much more time, can lead to serious errors.

On the other hand, automation makes apportionment more agile and preserves data integrity. Thus, there can be no divergence of values, among other problems. One more advantage is that you have a reliable proof of everything that was paid and divided by taxpayers.

2. Plan the store mix

Diversity is one of the keywords when it comes to the developments that will make up the shopping center. Thinking about strategic brands, which offer differentials among themselves, is a excellent deal.

In addition, it is essential to research what is a trend and understand the preferences of the consumer, increasingly demanding.

3. Investing in customer relationships

In fact, speaking of consumer preferences, it is essential to invest in a good relationship with customers. For the business to really generate excellent fruits, the public needs to have a great perception of the enterprise.

In this sense, having good communication proves to be effective. Invest in visual aids, show the benefits that people have when doing business on the spot, reveal to them that they are indeed important and deserve individualized attention.

4. Use a management system

O shopping center management system makes everyday life much more dynamic, offering total control of the processes that involve the place.

Everything is much easier and more profitable when you have a good system. In this respect, investing in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), business management software, is essential.

Through this resource, it is possible to centralize and better visualize the information of the enterprise. In this way, time in the , as well as decision making. Errors along the way are no longer a reality thanks to features that preserve data and make it safe.

Good mall management can lead the business to extraordinary profits. To implement a good Management system, it is necessary to follow some steps, which involve from the engagement of managers and employees, passing through the establishment of objectives and reaching the choice of the appropriate technology for the location.

Shopping Center Management - MXM-Shopping

O MXM-Shopping is the complete, fully integrated business management solution. From marketing functions to budget, accounting and tax management.

It provides administrators with complete control over the processes of a Shopping Center, through quick access to commercial and contractual information, special contract conditions, reduction of minimum contractual rent, billet issues and tenant performance reviews.

With many years of maturation, it is a robust, tested and innovative system, providing unique competitive advantages over existing systems.

The scope, the high level of integration and the applied technology, make the MXM-SHOPPING an easy to use and implement system, at a cost compatible with the reality of the Shopping management market.


  • Automatic Calculations: Simultaneous calculation of billing, considering the automatic readjustment of rents, their percentages, specific and common charges, and automatically generating accounts receivable from rent, condominium and promotion fund.
  • Store Registration: Complete store registration, with information about activities, footage, status (rent or sale), physical location, specific conditions for billing etc.
  • Contract: Complete lease registration, including expected rentals, lease candidates and others. Control of the right gloves. Track lease history.
  • Special conditions: Flexible and adherent, the special condition allows the registration of specific contractual clauses, allowing a variety of options to be explored.
  • Minimum Rent Reduction: It allows the inclusion of discounts in the contractual rental values, allowing the choice of the periods in which the deduction will be calculated.
  • Metric Record: Management of existing metrics: gross leased area, external areas, cost sharing coefficient, thermal capacity.
  • Operational Reports: has the objective of facilitating the conferences of values ​​determined for the contracts, making the administrative process of the enterprise much more dynamic and agile. 
  • Management Reports: Management information reports, called RIG'S, are widely used as pillars in shopping center management. The management information statements are very important because they inform strategic data for the entrepreneurs' analysis, such as: Performance of Shopping, Sale and Rent by Group Activity and stores, Ranking of sales and rents by tenants, occupational cost, Bridge of balance among others.

ERP helps a lot in this whole process. For more details on how to apply it, access now this other content that we have prepared for you.

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