How to avoid accounting fraud in your company?

accounting fraud
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One of the main duties of professionals in the sector fiscal is to prevent, detect and combat accounting fraud. After all, they can compromise not only the company's cash, but also its reputation with the market.

For this objective to be achieved, it is essential to combine rigorous audits and appropriate technological solutions. The arrival of LGPD it will also require greater care in relation to the digital environment.

In this post, we'll talk more about the concept of fraud accounting and the means to detect and combat it. Follow the reading!

What is accounting fraud?

By simple definition, a fraud accounting it is an intentional act whose main objective is to harm another party or even to expose the perpetrator of his responsibilities and tax duties. In the accounting world, this type of practice usually involves falsifying or not transmitting expense or revenue records.

When fraud is carried out, the person responsible usually omits records or recipes so as to direct resources towards yourself. Another common practice is to declare non-existent expenses in order to collect undue refunds.

How to avoid accounting fraud?

Now that you know the concept of fraud accounting, we’ll talk about practical methods to combat them. Follow!

Accounting planning

Ideally, planning accounting be done early in the company's operations, but this is not always possible. He is responsible for defining tax procedures that will guide all issues related to this area of ​​the company.

To do this effectively, it is important to bring together leaders from other sectors, such as finance, purchasing and inventory. After all, it will define points that involve the entire company, from the tax management and short- and long-term strategic plans, up to cost management.


Accounting auditing, on the other hand, consists of financial situation analysis for managers to ensure that fiscal controls have been operating correctly. From this work, it will be possible to evaluate the accuracy of the records made, control failures and fraud.

In addition, it also identifies irregularities that could compromise management. For everything to work properly, all documents are analyzed accounting company, covering a certain period. This practice is combined with internal inspections to verify information, always comparing it with original receipts or external sources.

Specialized software

Technology is also a key ally when it comes to preventing fraud. We can highlight the integrated software and ERPs, which have specific modules for managers to keep everything under control.

Thus, modules such as "accounting", "inventory", "sales" and "purchases" will provide informed information for the accounting planning to be reviewed. Tools like the PDCA cycle can also be combined with technologies.

What are the advantages of using specialized software?

It is important to note that the main bottleneck found in management accounting it is the lack of integration between the other departments of the company with the tax area. Thus, for planning to be conducted carefully and accounting fraud to be combated, it is essential to invest in an integrated management platform.

Thus, health professionals accounting will have access to tax information more precisely. This will impact the calculation of taxes and the sending of data to public agencies. With this agility, the company will avoid fines and other sanctions due to delays, failures and fraud.

As we could see in the article, accounting fraud is absolutely harmful to companies in any segment. In order to map tax processes more sharply and even to facilitate the service pricing, it is ideal to have an integrated management platform.

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