MXM-WebManager with Process Automation: understand the integration between ERP and the BPMS engine

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Starting next year, the business management platform MXM-WebManager will be integrated with a BPMS process automation engine (Business Process Management Suite), owner of MXM, allowing more dynamism and business agility.

Developed entirely by the Software da MXM Systems, integration will work in an environment Online, directly in the ERP MXM-WebManager, and will guarantee full visibility of the processes through an intuitive control panel with graphs and managerial views that will assist in decision making and definition of performance indicators (KPIs).

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According to a Pablo Azevedo, Director of New Solutions at MXM Sistemas, the integration project between the technologies is in the development process, with the launching forecast for the first quarter of 2021. “The goal is for process automation to be as user friendly as the rest of ERP. For this, we estimate that the implementation will be extended to all MXM-WebManager modules. However, the BPMS engine will first be integrated with the modules Common Registrations e Shopping" - Says Pablo.

Continue reading today's article to understand more about the advantages and differentiators of having a process automation software integrated with your ERP management:

Why invest in BPMS if your company already has an ERP?

The system ERP it is aimed at controlling transactions and consolidating company data, while BPMS focuses on orchestrating business processes. According to Pablo Azevedo, “ERPs in the market lack process automation and MXM Sistemas wants to meet this demand to improve users' productivity and response time”.

In addition to being possible, the integration Management system and process automation software is highly recommended for strategic alignment, resource monitoring and task assignment.

How can BPMS enhance ERP management software?

Taking into account that some management processes are extremely complex, a automation tool integrated with ERP is able to optimize all management in a quick, simple and practical way, so that the entrepreneur can easily follow his business.

“The purpose of ERP / BPMS integration is that all leaders company - from founders, partners and presidents, to directors, managers, coordinators and supervisors from different areas - can finally count on a solution that presents, in a specific and detailed way, all the needs for improvements, helping to make decisions. more assertive decision". - Concludes Pablo.

Main benefits of ERP with integrated BPMS

Considered the best tool to optimize ERP, BPMS makes business more agile by reducing the time and cost of users' activities. The convergence between the two technologies (ERP and BPMS) has a positive impact on return on investment and offers several other management benefits.

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ERP with process automation allows you to design activity flows for different areas of your company, building specific rules for each stage. In addition, it is possible to identify the requester, date / time of the tasks, what will be done and the reason why a certain action was performed. In this way the system manages the activities for you, generating - still in the process - a satisfactory amount of data to be analyzed, boosting your business with less risk and more return.

Discover the main features and benefits of a management software with native process automation:

  • Integration of processes, people and other solutions in the same environment:
    • Model, implement and optimize company processes and costs.
    • Customize processes quickly and dynamically, increasing user productivity.
    • Eliminate process flow control by e-mail and deliver more quality services, eliminating repetitive tasks.
  • Automation of activities and operations through automatic alerts:
    • Automate processes and tasks from predefined business rules and automatically issue scheduled alerts within each process cycle.
    • Improve the performance and productivity of system users.
  • Monitoring the performance of employees:
    • Supervise the response time of all actions and requests involved, having full control of the SLA (Service Level Agreement).
    • Track the status and deadlines of each step of a request, identifying bottlenecks and improving process mapping.
    • Manage the lead time to execute activities, routines and approval flows, thus controlling the effectiveness of the processes.
  • Total visibility of your ERP processes:
    • Access graphs and managerial views in real time to assist in decision making and definition of indicators.
    • Identify existing GAPs in the processes from the history of the activities performed.
    • Ensure the submission of tax obligations, reducing late payments.

Integrate people and systems with MXM-WebManager with native BPMS

More than an ERP, MXM-WebManager is an enterprise management platform Online totally safe and integrated with the Brazilian tax legislation. MXM-WebManager is ideal for companies looking for high performance, remarkable results and quality in processes.

Through a single portal you will have access to essential tools to guarantee the success of your business, among them, a robust ERP management software with a powerful engine BPMS. All of this through your favorite browser, without the need for previous installations or intervention by external suppliers, with the reliability of a product developed by MXM Sistemas S / A.

Ensure the benefits mentioned in this article and take the digital transformation to your company with MXM-WebManager! Click here to learn more about MXM-WebManager with native BPMS or send us a message via WhatsApp: (21) 97632-7230.

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