Supplier Control: How can technology help in this process?

Supplier Control: How can technology help in this process?

Have you stopped to think about how much the relationship between your company and your suppliers can be a source of optimization, economy and growth?

Even though the management process to be operational and bureaucratic, to include in it intelligence through technology gives more inventory vision, proximity in communication and planning for better negotiation conditions.

How is this possible? In this article, we want to convince you to invest in supplier control, presenting good practices for technological support in this routine. See how tools and services can help!

Turning off manual control

When we mention the use of technology in this relationship with suppliers, we mainly talk about software and systems capable of integrating information and facilitating the analysis of data by the director or entrepreneur.

Many professionals still control purchasing and inventory using spreadsheets with manual data entry. This increases the risk of account errors, mismatches in the comparison of values ​​and other issues that can harm the company.

Business systems, or ERPs, automate the collection and recording of information, taking this weight and risk out of the hands of managers. The director always has a few clicks away the current state of the stock, the output or use of items in real time, the forecast of duration, etc.

The result is a smarter management without wasting time looking at numbers. With the remaining hours, you can invest in relationship, research and optimization of the operation to achieve the acquisition of resources with increasingly favorable prices for the business.

Maintaining more direct contact with the supplier

Speaking of this relationship, technology is not just about saving time and effort - you can use it to get closer to your partners. It offers tools for more constant and effective communication.

And we're not just talking about Whatsapp. Robust project and team management services can be included in this relationship to simplify and facilitate replenishment of inventory.

You waste less time today and cultivate a more meaningful partnership that brings advantages in the future.

Using Stock Vision to Support Purchases

Much of the success in the business-vendor relationship comes from your ability to manage your own inventory - even if it is unique to your internal office use.

Always knowing how many items are available and how often they are leaving gives a clear idea of ​​when it is best to reset. Your stock never empties or gets unnecessarily filled with stationary capital.

The great advantage of the technology in this case is to provide real-time monitoring through software without anyone having to be responsible in doing the manual counting every day. The time of this collaborator can be much better used for more powerful functions within the business.

Accompanying the evolution of supplier control

The goal of every company is to grow: to profit more, to have more clients, to have more visibility, to contract more. The goal is to always evolve.

But to follow and notice this evolution, you are well aware of the importance of performance indicators. With the integration of data through technological tools, you can have the same benefit in contacting suppliers.

You automat- ically monitor the impact of acquisition costs on cash flow, the trading margins that may exist, and realize whether it is improving or worsening your spending on purchases over time.

It is here that we understand this importance of technology in supplier control. Intelligence in management means a complete vision of all its aspects, it is a tool capable of acting and always adapting itself in order to approach partnerships and optimize contracts.

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