5 posts about BPMS most accessed in 2018


The first three letters of this abbreviation in English, alone, represent the BPM methodology, that is, a way of administering. When this acronym gains the "S" at its end (BPMS), it refers to an IT platform built on this management side.

The BPM model adopts a series of standard procedures in order to bring more effective results, according to the needs of each organization. An interface based on BPM theory provides a real X-ray of the end-to-end work schedule with real-time information, including alerts for when something goes way out of the picture. For this, they are elaborate reports with metrics to analyze performance.

Are you interested? Want to know more? So, follow this 5 compiled most read articles on BPMS in 2018 and learn the advantages this platform can bring to your management. Look!

  1. BPMS System: Understand its Benefits and Learn How to Choose
    In this post, we have gathered some interesting information about BPMS system as the main benefits of your application and how to choose a system that suits your demands. Read the full article.

  2. How to increase your productivity using BPMS
    The main purpose of BPM and BPMS is to reorganize the excess information and make it useful in adding competitive advantages. Learn how this system can increase your productivity and reduce the costs of your business. Read the full article.

  3. Process automation: what is a BPMS
    Business process automation is the way to implement processes in a company through the use of specific technologies. BPMS is an alternative that can reduce costs, increase productivity, organize processes, reduce failures, and other benefits. Read the full article.

  4. Process management for better strategic decisions. Learn more about MXM-BPMS.
    Without a clear view of ongoing processes, managers often need to make decisions without knowing if the chosen path is feasible. Get to know MXM-BPMS, the result of the partnership between Bonita BPM and MXM Sistemas. Read the full article.

  5. MXM Completes BPMS Solution Deployment at Brightstar
    The need to automate this process, from the price evaluation for individuals or companies to the final consumer shipment, resulted in the adoption of the Business Process Automation solution from MXM Sistemas, based on the world's leading BPMS software, Bonita BPM. Read the full article.

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