About us

About Us

MXM Sistemas is a national company, developer of Information Technology solutions focused on business management. It operates in the corporate market since 1990, meeting the needs of companies that demand high quality management, productivity gains and that use Information Technology as a competitive advantage.

Its main product is MXM-WebManager, a true management system, fully integrated online and designed according to the operational reality and the Brazilian legislation.

With a complete line of products and services of business management, we meet the technological needs of companies, with highly qualified teams and deep knowledge of the particularities and demands of each market segment.

MXM's client portfolio brings together companies of great national and international standing, as an example of the credibility and quality of its products and services.

Headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, MXM Sistemas has branches in São Paulo, Salvador and Porto Alegre.


  • Efficiency: MXM innovates, solving complex needs in a simple and direct way, based on the high technology of its products and qualified technical staff.

  • Accessibility: One of the reasons for MXM's success, which competes with large national and international corporations, with complex and bureaucratic operational processes, is our management model that has as principle the easy access to the management levels in direct communication with an agile service structure .

  • Scope: MXM offers a complete line of business management products and services with its own team, centralizing responsibilities and simplifying communication. This action eliminates the need for customers to handle multiple companies to meet their needs.

  • Commitment: MXM is highly committed to its customers in meeting their demands and deadlines. Forming a network of high quality suppliers is a challenge for all companies, especially in the technological aspect, and this is our commitment and objective. 

Vision, Mission and Values


To be a Brazilian reference as a company of excellence in software and services, that promotes development for society and that people are proud to work.


Meet the needs of the market in business management solutions with efficiency and integration, aiming to improve the profitability of our customers.


  • Recognition of our employees.
  • Ethics in business relations.
  • Focus on relationship and commitment.
  • Professional improvement.
  • Agility, flexibility and creativity.

General Law for the Protection of Personal Data (LGPD)

MXM hereby informs that it is already taking the necessary measures to adapt its activities to the General Law on Protection of Personal Data, which entered into force on 18.09.2020.

In this sense, MXM's planning was reformulated and the guidelines for Personal Data Protection were incorporated into its strategic items.

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