Revolutionizing ERP with AI high-tech solutions

As the president and founder of MXM Sistemas, one of the top providers of enterprise resource management (ERP) software in Brazil, let me make a statement that may surprise you: we have reached the end of the ERP era.

I say this only partly in jest because by adding artificial intelligence (AI) to ERP, it is possible to create smarter solutions that can revolutionize enterprise management.

We began this journey six years ago, but our development project didn’t catch fire until we were introduced to IBM Watson services and the IBM Cloud platform. These capabilities matched our intentions exactly. The result was MXM-WebManager, a unified web portal for service delivery available by subscription. Powered by AI technology, the portal signifies a new era in intelligent management solutions.

Discovering personality insights

We were particularly intrigued by the IBM Watson Personality Insights API. Through linguistic analysis of a person’s writing or social media posts, the service can infer personality characteristics, including the Big Five traits, needs and values. Such insights are extremely valuable to managers hoping to optimize the performance and job satisfaction of human resources.

Here are some examples of real-world solutions available under MXM-WebManager that show the power of AI personality insights.

Developing intelligent solutions

MXM-Recruitment helps to streamline employee hiring with an AI assist: the solution uses Watson to determine the personality traits required for each job and to discover insights about each candidate’s personality. Armed with such intelligence, managers are more likely to make the right hiring choices.

MXM-Team Analysis aims to help optimize team performance and internal talent management. Using Watson personality analysis, the solution evaluates team members’ characteristics to determine their suitability to current positions, offering guidance on how to increase productivity and harmony.

MXM-Vocational enables educational institutions to help students choose the right course of study. Watson interviews students to determine their personalities and aptitudes and then suggests courses from the school’s curriculum. As an added bonus, analysis of the students’ responses can help schools improve their course offerings.

Trying Watson on your own

We believe MXM is the first company in Brazil to offer public access to Watson Personality Insights through our MXM-Insights solution. Watson will interview you and return a thorough analysis. Try it if you’d like to find out what AI says about you. The results might surprise you!



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